The Heart of Christmas is Love

We live in a time when love is seen in so many different ways, and the meaning of the word has been watered down, especially in the English language, where our one word for love has broad meaning. Yet love is something that everyone desires. Everyone wants to be loved by someone. I have even... Continue Reading →

Joy in All Circumstances

As we near Christmas, we enter a season that is joyful for so many, but not necessarily for the right reasons.  Our joy (as a people) seems to be found in the giving or receiving presents.   VeggieTales had a movie, The Toy That Saved Christmas, where the toy, a Buzzsaw Louie doll, was the... Continue Reading →

Hope is at the Heart of Christmas

If we look around us today, from a human standard, it seems harder to have hope. Our political structures are a mess. Inflation is out of control. People are wondering how they are going to make it through the winter. From a faith standpoint, we hear about less and less people going to church. Nationwide,... Continue Reading →

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