“Mamba Mentality,” Christian Style…

For Boston Celtics fans, there has been a lot of talk about the state of the current players as they lost the first three games of the Easter Conference Finals to what most consider a team with inferior talent. One of the stars for the Celtics has spoken about having a “Mamba Mentality.” This refers... Continue Reading →

Abundantly Blessed…

Here in America, we seem to have a skewed view of abundance and blessing. We seem to desire abundance and blessing in money and stuff. Even in the church, leadership is often looking at the big three (buildings, bodies, and bucks) to see if blessing is present. And there are those who are told that... Continue Reading →

In All Things Love

If you have kids, or have been connected with a school in any way, you probably know what a recorder is. In an exercise to teach parents the need for the fruits of the Spirit, schools have kids learn how to “play” the recorder, typically somewhere between the 2nd and 4th grade. I am sure... Continue Reading →

Ongoing Work of the Holy Spirit

In America, we enjoy many freedoms, but some of the things we have as freedoms aren’t the same everywhere in the world. The freedoms we have here are freedoms that were bought by the blood of many who sacrificed their lives for them. It can be a problem, though, when we try to utilize the... Continue Reading →

Unity of Believers

I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Woodlawn. It is a Christian football movie based on the forced breakdown of segregation in Birmingham Alabama in 1973. This high school football team was forced together but ended up uniting in Christ, then came together and had an amazing year. It showed what... Continue Reading →

The Eternal State

So we started this series with the authority of Scripture, and then looked at the Trinity - One God eternally existent in three persons, which is deep even for people who are theologians (or people who study God. We have looked at Jesus’ divinity and humanity, and the last blog focused on the sinfulness of... Continue Reading →

Regeneration for Salvation

One of the things that I love about video games is when your character, your avatar, has lots of lives. When you die, you just need to wait for your character to regenerate. Regeneration is new life. Spiritually, our walk with Christ requires that we be regenerated (or born again). But before we go there,... Continue Reading →

Jesus, Fully Man and Fully God

Last week we looked at the doctrine of the Trinity, the Three in One. One God, eternally existent in three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This week, we want to look a little deeper into the second person in the Trinity, Jesus Christ. The person of Christ had two natures. Jesus is in form... Continue Reading →

The Trinity

We are looking at the foundations of our faith. And after the authority of Scripture, we are going to spend a couple of weeks looking at other foundational pieces of our faith before we get to the topic of salvation. This week I want to look at the topic of the Trinity. Due to limitations... Continue Reading →

The Authority of the Bible

One of the games my family enjoys is Jenga. It is a tower of blocks, three in a row, with the direction of the blocks changing every row. It starts as a solid block, and each person removes a block and moves it to the top. With each block that gets removed, the tower becomes... Continue Reading →

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