Are You Thirsty?

A couple of days ago I had a long training ride (for a half Ironman race i have coming up next month). It was my race prep ride and it was 3 hours and 5 minutes. One of the things I was doing was checking my nutrition and fluids. About 2 hours in I realized... Continue Reading →

Encourage One Another Daily…

What is the importance of being a part of a local body of Christ? One thing should be the call to encourage one another. In Hebrews 3, the author calls us to “encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today,’ so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Our... Continue Reading →

Become as I am…

What makes a life one to be desired? Fame (or popularity), fortune, riches, health? I remember being involved in MLM (multilevel marketing) early in our marriage, and as people looked to be successful, they were encouraged to get pictures of all those things they wanted and put them around them. Focus on these things to... Continue Reading →

The Right Kind of Busy…

Busyness, in many respects, is a part of modern culture, and it is a part of all aspects of life. It affects professionals, laborers, and even home bodies. If you are over five and under 90, you probably find yourself constantly doing something. If it’s not work, its hobbies, or TV, or family, or friends.... Continue Reading →

If It Becomes My Privilege…

I was listening to a message this morning by Dr. Scott Sunquist, the new president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary that was given at Park Street Church on Nov. 15, 2020, and the focus of the practical application was on intentional vocational migration. He was speaking about the needs for people to live out the gospel... Continue Reading →

Self-Sacrificial Shortcomings…

One thing that has grieved me lately is seeing the state of the American church as one that -- from leadership down -- is more self-serving than self-sacrificing. Having been a part of larger and smaller congregations, I have seen this in both... There are the obvious issues such as music, ministries, etc. It can... Continue Reading →

God is Near Us!

I don’t know how many of you have (or have had) young children who have been involved in sports or hobbies, but one thing that is clear is a child’s desire to do something that brings pleasure to their parents. Often, as they get older, this desire isn’t seen. I am so proud of my... Continue Reading →

Even to the Gentiles!

Morning Devotions (with Bandit) by Seabird Island in FL... I must be honest, White Christian Nationalism doesn’t make any sense to me scripturally... how many chapters have to be missed to to have this kind of view? When we look at scripture, we would have been the outsiders looking in if Christ hadn’t clarified everything... Continue Reading →

Will Our Bibles Speak Against Us?

How often do we hear about a Bible that has been passed down that appears to have been unread? I’m not just speaking about the large family Bibles that were more for keeping genealogies, but regular Bibles? Here in America we probably have more Bibles per capita (household) than any place or any time in... Continue Reading →

A Warning Against Religiosity…

A Warning Against Religiosity... Today I get the blessing of sitting on the porch where I am sure that my dear friend and mentor, Pastor Gary, spent time in devotion and prayer (a special thank you to his cousin Diane who is allowing me to stay here for a week during my sabbatical). It is... Continue Reading →

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