Our Response…

In Hebrews chapters 7-10, God lays out the background of Jesus as our Priest and Mediator of our faith. He did not need to offer sacrifices for Himself, for He lived a perfect life - without sin. So when He offered His life as a sacrifice for us, it was made once and for all.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

As Pastor John preached on this past Sunday, there are few disciplines that we miss the mark on as we do in prayer. Whether it is treating prayer as some ritual to check off our to-do list, or rubbing a magic lamp to get what we want, it can be easy to miss the point... Continue Reading →

Does Fasting Still Apply to Us?

On Sunday in church we watched a video called the Skinny on Fasting by the Skit Guys. It is a funny video that shows a bunch of ways that people could look at fasting. I would have asked which person people identified with most, but spiritual fasting is almost unheard of these days. Here are... Continue Reading →

The Face of an Angel

What a wonderful picture we see here in Acts chapter 6. The calling of seven to step in, whether you want to call them deacons or lay leaders, so that the disciples could continue to focus on preaching and prayer. He had the face of an angel... One of those chosen was Stephen, as it... Continue Reading →

To Be an Encourager…

What a wonderful thing it is when God brings an encourager into your life.  A person who sees beyond what others see and is able to encourage you to continue on when your heart wants to walk away.   At the end of chapter 14 in the book of Acts, Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch.  On their way back, they stopped by... Continue Reading →

Are You a Servant?

It’s a different world out there today. It seems the goal of this modern era is to make sure that everyone knows your name. And in many ways this is understandable. Think about it, when was the last time you recognized a Vice President for being the second in command (beyond the current president)? In... Continue Reading →

His Timing is Always Right…

Who leaves a business when it’s taking off?  Who jumps off the bandwagon after a big win?  Who leaves a spiritual revival when it’s going full swing?  Those whom God calls to, that’s who! In reading Acts chapter 8, we see that Philip has gone to a city in Samaria when the church was scattered... Continue Reading →

Quite a Turn Around!

As we move into Acts chapter 2, we see a great moving of the Holy Spirit that brings about incredible growth that continues on after the day of Pentecost. Peter, with the Holy Spirit speaking through him, gives quite the speech. It is quite a turn around for someone who just weeks earlier denied Jesus.... Continue Reading →

Standing Up for What You Believe!

Have you ever seen someone stand in the midst of great trial and persecution? Watching someone stand, much like those written about in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, is an encouragement when we find ourselves in challenging circumstances. The same can’t be said when someone backs down from the challenge, or flip-flops their views when it... Continue Reading →

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