This Little Light of Mine…

When I was growing up in church, I learned this simple song that I have never forgotten. The chorus went like this... “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.” If you have a... Continue Reading →

What is Your Heart Full Of?

Have you thought about what you are saying and doing lately? Would all the people you’ve been around say that you have been loving and kind? That you have been compassionate and giving? And how is your thought life going? And how is your thought life going? What do you find yourself thinking about? What... Continue Reading →

A Good, Good Father…

Coming off another Father’s Day, I am struck by the dichotomy between what the world is preaching and what the Word of God teaches. In a society that is constantly trying to blur lines and separate itself from biblical principles, the call to be men and women of the Bible becomes harder and harder. It... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to Celebrate…

This is the conclusion to the Celebration of Disciplines series… Why is it that some people think Christianity is boring and dull? That Christians don’t laugh or have fun? That to be Christian means to avoid joy? This is clearly not found in the Word of God. I am not saying that there aren’t times... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Fight Rest?

Work, school, social media, TV, hobbies, sports, and on and on and on... pushing through on the non-stop treadmill of life. As I sit here overlooking the truly amazing sunrise once again, I feel like I am finally able to stop and take a breath, and just take in the beauty of God’s creation. It... Continue Reading →

A Holy Expectancy

Weekends can be such a challenge. We try to cram so much into such a little time. Morning to night. And if we go to church, we might get there a little late as we were up late the night before, and then we are watching the clock so that we can get to lunch... Continue Reading →

I Have a Confession to Make…

As we go through the spiritual disciplines, this week we focused on one that is difficult for most, if not all. This is especially true today. In a society that tells you to make up your own truth to be accepted just the way you are, and that truth is relative, confession leads us in... Continue Reading →

Service as a Discipline…

I remember working in management before I entered ministry. Things were falling through the cracks and everyone was focused on what “was” and what “wasn’t” their job. Debbie was out, and we had another nurse step in and cover for her. At one point on this particular night, a person had an “accident” in the... Continue Reading →

A Post-Easter Submission

Hopefully it was a wonderful Easter/Resurrection Day for everyone. Resurrection Sunday is a day of new life. It is a day filled with hope, the hope that comes from knowing that the grave is empty! For those who checked out Elm Street Community Church’s service, we did focus on hope, but we also continued along... Continue Reading →

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