Are You a Servant?

It’s a different world out there today. It seems the goal of this modern era is to make sure that everyone knows your name. And in many ways this is understandable. Think about it, when was the last time you recognized a Vice President for being the second in command (beyond the current president)? In... Continue Reading →

His Timing is Always Right…

Who leaves a business when it’s taking off?  Who jumps off the bandwagon after a big win?  Who leaves a spiritual revival when it’s going full swing?  Those whom God calls to, that’s who! In reading Acts chapter 8, we see that Philip has gone to a city in Samaria when the church was scattered... Continue Reading →

Quite a Turn Around!

As we move into Acts chapter 2, we see a great moving of the Holy Spirit that brings about incredible growth that continues on after the day of Pentecost. Peter, with the Holy Spirit speaking through him, gives quite the speech. It is quite a turn around for someone who just weeks earlier denied Jesus.... Continue Reading →

Standing Up for What You Believe!

Have you ever seen someone stand in the midst of great trial and persecution? Watching someone stand, much like those written about in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, is an encouragement when we find ourselves in challenging circumstances. The same can’t be said when someone backs down from the challenge, or flip-flops their views when it... Continue Reading →

Your Plan This Year!

How often do we find that the plans we make are changed by other circumstances? A crisis or challenge comes up and now we are doing something we hadn’t planned. Sometimes these changes are of our own doing, and sometimes they are not. This morning, I heard our new puppy up (a rescue) and decided... Continue Reading →

The Three-Legged Race of 2022

Many of you, you have probably already set some plans in place, for your health and finances, and for your mental and spiritual life. You are ready to be done with what this decade has brought so far and ready to see a new chapter begin. You are ready for the next leg of the... Continue Reading →

Examine Yourselves

Another Holiday season has come and gone. Thanksgiving, Advent, and now Christmas are in the rear window (hopefully we’re holding onto the truths we learned about God along the way). If you are like me, you have probably worked harder, exercised less, and eaten more than you should have. If you live in America, you... Continue Reading →

Finding Joy…

It has been a hard couple of years. Covid is ongoing, there has been political strife, and now inflation, supply chain issues, and a limited workforce keep the challenges going. For some, these holidays bring reminders of loss, with loved ones no longer with them. How is it possible to find joy in circumstances like... Continue Reading →

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