Solitude – You’re Not Alone

This week we celebrate one of the greatest examples of solitude in Scripture as Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. He left most of the disciples to sit and pray in the garden while He went off with Peter, James and John. Then, leaving them to watch and pray with Him, He... Continue Reading →

Simply Speaking…

For today’s devotion, we are going to look at the outward disciplines, starting with simplicity. In a sense, this discipline focuses on the difference between God’s kingdom and our stuff. At its core it is an issue of the heart, and it brings to light where our priorities are. As we look at simplicity, Richard... Continue Reading →

No More Room for Study?

As we go through the spiritual disciplines, we move from meditation to Study. How often do we fight to fit in our quick devotional, or even spend a few minutes thinking about scripture and what it says to us? But what about study? Study is becoming a lost art form. This is happening in our... Continue Reading →

Don’t Just Leave Your Mind Empty…

Meditation is such a great skill, and it is an important tool for so many to get through life.  Those who deal with different illnesses and require constant pain management often look to meditation for help.  The meditation that they are often guided in is eastern meditation.  The hope is to empty your mind, freeing... Continue Reading →

Our Response…

In Hebrews chapters 7-10, God lays out the background of Jesus as our Priest and Mediator of our faith. He did not need to offer sacrifices for Himself, for He lived a perfect life - without sin. So when He offered His life as a sacrifice for us, it was made once and for all.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

As Pastor John preached on this past Sunday, there are few disciplines that we miss the mark on as we do in prayer. Whether it is treating prayer as some ritual to check off our to-do list, or rubbing a magic lamp to get what we want, it can be easy to miss the point... Continue Reading →

Does Fasting Still Apply to Us?

On Sunday in church we watched a video called the Skinny on Fasting by the Skit Guys. It is a funny video that shows a bunch of ways that people could look at fasting. I would have asked which person people identified with most, but spiritual fasting is almost unheard of these days. Here are... Continue Reading →

The Face of an Angel

What a wonderful picture we see here in Acts chapter 6. The calling of seven to step in, whether you want to call them deacons or lay leaders, so that the disciples could continue to focus on preaching and prayer. He had the face of an angel... One of those chosen was Stephen, as it... Continue Reading →

To Be an Encourager…

What a wonderful thing it is when God brings an encourager into your life.  A person who sees beyond what others see and is able to encourage you to continue on when your heart wants to walk away.   At the end of chapter 14 in the book of Acts, Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch.  On their way back, they stopped by... Continue Reading →

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