Taken while at the John 17:23 Pastor’s Retreat at Toah Nipi Retreat Center in Rindge NH. There is something special about fall in New England. I love the fact that this season means apple everything (cider donuts, apple crisp, apple pie 😋). For some, it might be pumpkin everything (I’ll stick with the apples, thank... Continue Reading →

Who Could Stand?

What is it that could make Paul, the same person who said in Phil. 3 that if anyone has reasons to be confident in the flesh, he had more, also say in 1 Tim. 1:15-16 that he is the worst of sinners? This seems like a contradiction, but it isn’t... it’s all about perspective. In... Continue Reading →

The Goal of Our Instruction is Love

After a significant win yesterday for the home team, one of the things that different players pointed out was that they had a strong week of practice. The goal of the instruction that they received on the field was to improve their play on the field. Offense, defense, whatever position, they were instructed to play... Continue Reading →

What’s in Your Heart?

In Deut. 8, as Moses is speaking about the wilderness journey, He speaks about testing their hearts. Yet we want to remember the context of this testing. It was the people of God who chose not to go into the Promised Land when given the opportunity. They were the ones who initially rebelled against God.... Continue Reading →

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