Simply Faith and Honesty

Reading Matthwew 23 we read the condemnation on the religious leaders. This is the “woe to you” section of the gospels. It speaks directly to the difference between what we say and what we do. 

Is it about faith, or about show?

The religious leaders looked to have faith, but it was nothing more than fool’s gold. I remember being a kid and finding what we know to be pyrite, or fool’s gold. When you find it, you get excited because it glitters like gold, and you think you might be rich. Unfortunately, things aren’t the way they look.

The religious leaders were a human version our fool’s gold. They looked good, but they weren’t real… they weren’t authentic. And not only were they far from God, but they were leading people away from God. 

LeRoy Lawson, states it this way,

“Just believe. Everything else flows from belief. Believe in Jesus. Do not even place your faith in the miraculous signs He gives you, but in Him.” 

LeRoy Lawson, Matthew: Unlocking the Scriptures for You, p.280

They had faith in laws and rules, and Jesus tells them to have faith in Him. Everything should come from that. It’s the same with honesty. In the Beatitudes in Matt. 5, Jesus tells them that it shouldn’t be about oaths, your yes should mean yes, and your no should mean no. 

Live as Jesus calls you to, honestly and by faith. These should be driving forces in our lives.

Lord, help me to not just talk the talk, but help me to walk the walk. May my life be one that is driven by integrity and honesty, that people might see You in me!

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