Not as it Appears

In Luke chapter 21, Jesus shares some things that we should look for with regards to the coming of the kingdom, but not before letting the disciples know that things aren’t as they appear.

This starts with the widow’s mite, minuscule in comparison to what others are given, but greater in the eyes of God because others are offering out of their excess, and she is giving God everything.  

From there, The disciples look at the temple, beautifully adorned and massive in structure, and see something amazing.  Jesus looks at it and sees what it will be, nothing.  They see beauty, He sees the destruction to come.  How often do we work to build something that in the end will be nothing.  

His Kingdom, in the end, is all that will matter. 

This makes our relationship with Christ, and being used for the building of His kingdom, something of great importance. Nothing else will stand in the end.

Even as we look to the signs of the times, we need to be cautious, for not everything will be as it seems.  We especially want to be cautious with those who say that they are the coming Christ.  

This is why it is so important that we be in the Word of God, and stay close to Christ.  He can both make us aware of the signs and then also keep us from following false signs.  

Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear.  Give us wisdom to interpret and a heart that will only follow You, for in You alone is light and life.

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