Do Something!

In going through Matt. 25 again, we see the call to be ready, but there is also a call to act.  In the parable of the talents, we find that the the first 2 servants took what they were given to manage and doubled it .  

It is interesting to note that they were not given the talents to use, but to manage, and the additional talents that they were given were also to manage — they still belong to the Master!

The final servant chose to do nothing.  Not even put it in the bank to gain interest. 

“Jesus is addressing a certain kind of nominalism among … his contemporaries: quite happy to be in a general way within the orbit of the People of God [to preserve the mna intact], but unwilling to make themselves answerable to God’s expectations in any committed sense. Feeling that God was something of an exacting tyrant, they chose to avoid the pressures of fulfilling his expectations rather than to run the risk of doing what they feared might be too little. The parable challenges directly the perverted logic of this kind of opting out. But more subtly it places in question the assumptions made about God (how has he in fact dealt with the other servants?) and draws attention to what these abstainers have failed to realize: though God’s mandates to his servants open up a vast sphere of possibility, he is prepared to accept, when there has been any sort of effort to implement the mandate, what is actually a minimal return on his investment.”

Nolland, John, New International Greek Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew, p. 1020,

Right after this, in the parable of the sheep and the goats, when mentioned that they didn’t do anything for those in need, the “least of these,” Jesus uses the term “one of.” We can be so concerned with having to do something big that we do nothing at all.  Yet the call here is to make sure that we “do something!”  

What is it that God has given you for talent to use for the building of His kingdom?  Are you using your time, talent, and treasure in a way that will bring a return on His investment?  

Lord, we ask you to help us to step out and do something, even if it is something small.  And then may You multiply it and use it to build Your kingdom.  In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!  

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