Pray Before You Say…

How often is it that we make a rash decision or statement without thinking through the consequences?  Throughout the OT we see people jumping to decisions without inquiring of the Lord or acting in haste because of the situation we find ourselves in.

In today’s Bible reading, Esau was famished and sells his birthright (Gen.25) — a big deal back then — to Jacob for a meal.  When it was first mentioned, he might have thought it was a joke, but when Jacob made him promise, he should have thought it through more.

Now we know, especially from what was already read in Gen. 24 that this was a part of God’s plan from the beginning, even if they didn’t understand at the time.  Yet it seems like doing things before thinking or praying unfortunately is a part of how we do things as human beings.

Yet, Lord, this is a new year!  It is our desire to be in Your will in every decision.  So may You give us wisdom to pause and look to You in everything, knowing that You know what is best, and what needs to happen!  We look to You, and trust in You with all our decisions, and may our actions bring You glory in 2020!

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