Jesus’ Great Love for the Lost

Heading into Jerusalem, after His triumphal Entry, Jesus saw Jerusalem from a distance, and His response was broken-heartedness (Luke 19).  He saw the destruction to come (even that which was approximately 40 years away), and it brought Him to tears.  

His people, His children, would be brought to destruction.  Yet it wasn’t those who proclaimed His name that He was speaking about in this text, but those who didn’t recognize Him.  These are the same people who turned on Him and called for His crucifixion.  These are the same people who would call Him names, spit on Him and curse Him.  These are the same people who would persecute the church (those who call on His Name and live for Him).  

Jesus great compassion, His great love, goes beyond those who know Him. 

As we sit here in the middle of this pandemic, suffering and watching those around us die, Jesus weeps.  He is not surprised by what is happening.  He weeps in the midst of it. 

Jesus rejoices along with heaven when the lost come to repentance (asking for forgiveness and turning from sin), and He weeps over those who don’t choose to accept the free gift He offers to everyone.  It breaks His heart to know the destruction that is coming for those who don’t believe.  He has paid the price, yet we still need to accept it.

Jesus loves you. 

He came so you could have freedom from sin.  He came so that you could receive the gift of eternal life.  He won’t make you accept it, and for those who won’t, He will weep for you.  But peace, joy, and love await those who choose to follow Him.  

If you haven’t accepted Jesus’ sacrifice, I pray you will consider doing that today.  And if you have, I pray you will take some time today remembering just how much Jesus loves you.  His love for you started long before you began to look to Him.  

Lord, we are so thankful for Your great love.  May we understand this a little bit more as we seek to know You better this Holy Week.  In Your name we pray, Amen.

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