Giving to God What is God’s…

As we continue along with our Holy Week worship, one of the ways that the religious leaders tried to trip Jesus up was with regards to support of government, and support of church.

Trying to trap Jesus, they asked Him about paying taxes to Caesar. As was mentioned in the Palm Sunday message, the people were hoping that the Messiah was going to help them overthrow Rome.

Jesus makes it clear that we are to support our government, who printed and provided the money. Paul speaks further about this when he shares that we are to be obedient to government (Rom. 13).

Yet Jesus extends it by saying that we are to give “to God what is God’s” (Luke 20:25).

The reality is that everything is Gods… the world and all that is in it. We are to respect government, but God is (or should be) first and foremost in everything.

Notice the widow’s offering in the beginning of Luke 21. She desires to give to God, and does – even when its all she had left. Others give out of their excess, but she gives everything.

With regards to the government, we are to give what we should. But what about God? Are we giving Him what He is due? For those who tithe, we give back to God from our first fruits. We give from what He has given us.

During trying times like this, it can be easy to justify withholding from God. But this becomes a matter of faith. Will God really provide for me?

Lord, help us to trust You in all things… even our finances. Help us to give to You from our first fruits, of our time, talent, and treasure, that the body will be built up – even during this difficult time. And may You be glorified by Your church in the midst of this trying time.

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