Walking Humbly with Our God

I wonder if Micah saw a form of Sunday Christians in his day, some Saturday Jewish observers.  Not people who had completely abandoned the Lord, but those who came and worshiped Him one day and then acted as if He didn’t exist on the other days.  

In Micah 6:7, Micah asks what they should bring before the Lord, so that they can consider what the proper sacrifice should be.  He raises the question of animal and oil sacrifices that would be of great financial value.  Even offering our children, our firstborn, for our sins and transgressions. 

What is the Lord looking for from us?  It is spelled out in Micah 6:8.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8, NIV

His people should be seen as just and merciful.  But it is the last point that stands out.  

To walk humbly with your God.  

Spurgeon points out that walking with God is more than worshiping Him on Sundays, or a once a day thing. 

Worshiping God is, or should be, an everyday thing.  It is an all day thing.  It is recognizing that we are in His presence at all times, and trying to act like we understand this fact.  As we walk with God in every moment, we find it easier to be just and merciful because He is with us and will guide us in His ways.

A book was written from Brother Lawrence’s interactions with people around him regarding what is it like to recognize that we are continually in God’s presence.  What great joy! What great peace!   To get a better understanding of what it means to walk humbly with our God, one needs to just read this simple and quick to read book.  

And being in the presence of God is a humbling experience! 

As God allows us to draw closer to Him, and as His holiness shines through, even the most righteous person will recognize how unrighteous they are compared to Him.  But even this is a wonderful experience! It is painful at first, and so wonderfully freeing and joy-filled!  We may begin by seeing ourselves in rags before Him, but He removes our rags and clothes us in glory!

And it can be visible to those around us.  I knew a person who was so in the presence of the Lord that they almost appeared to glow.  In fact, someone around them said that they seemed to be glowing!  How wonderful that must have been!

We settle for so little, when God offers so much if we will just come to Him wholeheartedly! 

He is not looking for our Sunday’s best… He wants our everyday best!  Not a short sprint for him, but a leisurely walk with Him!  A morning to night walk with Him.  Walking with Him throughout our day… as we work… as we play… as we go to school… in all aspects of our daily lives.  And not just on one day, but every day.  

Lord, Help me to walk with You, not just in this moment, or on this day, but in every moment of every day.  May I recognize Your presence, and live in You and for You not just today but every day.  By Your strength, and in Your will I pray.   

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