We Want to Stay!

Have you ever had a time when you were worshiping the Lord and you just couldn’t leave? I have been to many concerts, especially in my youth, and often the band would leave and you would hear the crowd chant,

“One more song!”

I have been a part of worship practices where the music ministry team ended its practice and decided to just continue to pick out music and sing a few more, not wanting to leave but desiring to continue to worship God.

In 2 Chron. 30, the people were worshiping the Lord, and after 7 days of worship and sacrifice, the people were like… “We want more!” It says that they decided to observe 7 more days and they did it with joy!

I have heard of times gone by where people would worship and leave when they were done, not according to their watches. As much as I am not a fan of repeating a bridge or chorus over and over and over, there are times when I wish we weren’t ending our time of worship so soon.

Sometimes it seems like we are getting started and preparing to enter His presence, and we stop so that we don’t mess up our Sundays (and miss the blessing He has for us).

I wonder what would happen if we offered a time of worship after the service was over, a few songs for those who aren’t ready to end their time of worship (even if it is worship songs from either the previous week or the week to come)?

And there are some wonderful songs that speak of this for those who are interested. Make Room (Elyssa Smith and Community music), Nothing Else (Cody Carnes) , and Your Ways (Matt Redman) are just a few that I find draw me entering the presence of the Lord.

Lord, help us to really worship You, for You alone are worthy of worship and praise. And help us to continue our time of worship beyond the service to the whole week. May we, as they did thousands of years ago, desire to continue our worship of You… one more verse… one more song… one more day… throughout the week until we come back to worship You again! In Jesus’ name.

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