Who Do You Depend On?

How many people have said (or just believe) that there is no one they can depend on but themselves? I will provide for me and my family. I will make sure everything is taken care of.

Even pastors and church leaders can fall into this trap. “Every time I ask someone to do something for me in ministry, they don’t do it right. I better just do it myself.”

The problem with relying on human beings is that in the end we will invariably be let down. There is One we can rely on who will always follow through on His word, Who will always do what needs to be done.

When King Hezekiah was faced with a Assyrian invasion, the field commander asked him a great question. “What are you relying on?” Isa 16:4 CSB

“What are you relying on?”

Isa 16:4 CSB

He then goes on to explain to them how they can’t rely on Egypt (humans), which is true. But then he tells them that they can’t rely on God, for none of the other gods saved their countries.

The problem with this logic is that the gods that the field commander was speaking about were just idols (As Hezekiah mentions in his prayer). Any trust in idols is foolish, but when we put our trust in the Living God, we will never be put to shame!

When we put our trust in the Living God, we will never be put to shame!

And God, through Isaiah, let Hezekiah know that He had heard what the field commander was saying, and He would stand up for His great name. He would later heal Hezekiah, although it is after he is healed that he lets his pride get in the way.

Lord, the world may tell us that we can only put trust in this politician, or that politician, or in our pastor, or in ourselves. You are the only One in whom we can truly rely on. You will do what needs to be done. Your ways will never be thwarted, and You will always be victorious. Help me to put my trust in You and You alone! And may You bring glory to Your Great Name through me, and through this humble church, I pray. In Jesus’ Name…

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