Become as I am…

What makes a life one to be desired? Fame (or popularity), fortune, riches, health? I remember being involved in MLM (multilevel marketing) early in our marriage, and as people looked to be successful, they were encouraged to get pictures of all those things they wanted and put them around them. Focus on these things to stay motivated to sell and step out of your comfort zone.

As we did this, I can tell you that there is little in our lives that were in those pictures. Big home in rich area… nope. Corvette… nope. Large bank account… wrong again. Yet I am more blessed than I ever could have imagined.

Yet I am more blessed than I ever could have imagined.

So often we look at what is to be desired much like the world does, but this isn’t how the Christian is to look at things. When Paul goes before King Agrippa in Acts 26, you would think that there would be little that would attract the king to want to be like Paul. Paul is in chains, and I’m sure his body is showing the wear and tear of someone who had been beaten and mistreated often.

Yet Paul says to him in verse 29 that he wishes that all who were listing would be like him except the chains. Does he wish them financially poor? In poor health? No, Paul understands the importance of God. A relationship with Him is more important than health and wealth.

A relationship with God is more important than health and wealth

Some look to God for what He can provide them (health and wealth), and miss out on what is truly life-altering – a personal relationship with Jesus!

And I am sure that Paul wasn’t a miserable old man. In fact, we know that he was filled with the Spirit, and that made him attractive (or repulsive) to others. People wanted to be like him, and wanted to be around him.

Do we live lives that make people want to be like us (or at least want to know more about what makes us different)? And do we desire for others to be as we are, (which should be) loving, joy-filled believers in Jesus Christ?

If you hate your life, then why would anyone want to be like you? If you are miserable, who is going to want what you have? Whatever you have been through, whatever you are going through, I want you to know that there is a Savior that loves you and died for you.

He wants to help you be the best you that you can be, the you He created you to be. It might not be a life blessed with material wealth or fame and popularity, but it is one with joy and peace that only comes from Him. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are a child of God. You are loved by the Creator. Your sins are forgiven. God has a special place set aside for you in heaven.

He wants to help you be the best you that you can be, the you He created you to be.

And the truly amazing thing is that you don’t have to wait for heaven to feel the peace, joy, and love that Jesus talks about. It is available to you right now. If you don’t have it, or if you have lost it, you can get it back by making that spiritual phone call known as prayer.

Lord, I want to be loving and joy-filled. I desire to feel peace (even if there is no peace around me). Come into my life (or come back into my life). Help me to live a life that will make others desire to seek You. And help me to desire to share You with others, that You might be glorified through my life. In Jesus’ name…

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