Quite a Turn Around!

As we move into Acts chapter 2, we see a great moving of the Holy Spirit that brings about incredible growth that continues on after the day of Pentecost. Peter, with the Holy Spirit speaking through him, gives quite the speech. It is quite a turn around for someone who just weeks earlier denied Jesus.

It wasn’t long before that Peter denied Jesus three times. He even called down curses and swore to those present that he didn’t know Jesus. He went from bold, to broken, and back to bold. What made this transformation possible?

Repentance, forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit!

What started as Peter boldly saying he would follow Jesus to prison, even to death, crumbled in a matter of hours. So much pride! After Jesus looked at Peter (upon his third denial), Peter went out and wept. There was no more pride.

He was broken.

Most commentators state that he was so broken that Jesus needed to go to him personally to restore him (John 21). And here we are, within weeks, and Peter is speaking boldly for Jesus. How is this possible?

Peter was no longer in speaking in pride, but by the strength of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can do what we cannot. He can restore and make broken things useful.

A dear sister-in-Christ shared this on the topic. “We must be broken to purge the pride that dwells within. But we’re like weeklies in God’s care — weebles wobble but they don’t fall down… God’s correction isn’t like ‘you utter failure! You’ll never be any good.’ But rather it’s ‘that’s ok, son/daughter, you do better next time.’”

We are like weebles… what a wonderful viewpoint!

And where are you? Has Satan been trying to knock you over? Have you made mistakes? Do you see yourself as broken, or disqualified for use by the King of kings? You are never too broken to be used by Jesus. He specializes in making broken things beautiful and usable.

Moving forward this year, Lord, use me for Your glory. I have made mistakes, but You can use all things for Your glory, even me! In Jesus’ mighty name…

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