Like a Child (Part 2)..

Yesterday, in Matthew 18, Jesus spoke about needing to be like a little child.  Today (in Matthew 19) we see the little children coming to Jesus (which annoys the disciples) and rich young ruler leaving Jesus.  

Little children don’t necessarily bring anything to the table.  They won’t teach (they don’t know enough), they aren’t strong enough to work, and they don’t have the financial ability to support the church.  Ye this is how we are to come to Jesus (or understand that we are coming to Jesus).

Notice the rich young ruler.  He has wealth.  He is strong enough to work.  As we look at his understanding of the scripture, he could teach.  But what does he do?  When faced with the challenge to give up everything and put God’s kingdom first, he walks away sad.  

Robert Mounce points out that

“The requirement to divest oneself of all possessions is not a universal requirement for entrance into heaven. It was, for this specific person, a test of his willingness to place God’s priorities first in his own life.”

Robert Mounce New International Biblical Commentary – Matthew p. 184

His love of his possessions is greater than his love of God. 

“What Jesus is saying is that the lure of possessions is so strong that a rich person is unable with his or her own strength to break its grip.” 

Ibid, p. 184

Only by loving You more than anything can we fully have a Kingdom mentality — a willingness to sacrifice for the kingdom of God.  This is hard to do, whether it is giving of our finances, our time, our talents, our wants for the church, or our control.

As we seek to walk along this multicolored road, we understand that to be a part of a multiethnic ministry requires us to have a kingdom mentality — to to love You in a child-like way, and to view the world through the eyes of a child (innocent and unassuming). 

Lord, please help us to be the kind of people whose highest priority is to love You more than anything, and to do whatever is necessary for Your kingdom.

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