Who Could Stand?

What is it that could make Paul, the same person who said in Phil. 3 that if anyone has reasons to be confident in the flesh, he had more, also say in 1 Tim. 1:15-16 that he is the worst of sinners? This seems like a contradiction, but it isn’t... it’s all about perspective. In... Continue Reading →

A Call to Like-Mindedness

One great aspect of team sports is the call to like-mindedness.  Although you might have different roles or job descriptions, you have one common purpose (win the championship).   When individuals get caught up on personal goals, the focus breaks down and teams do not typically achieve their ultimate goal. For a newly formed team, there are... Continue Reading →

Even to the Gentiles!

Morning Devotions (with Bandit) by Seabird Island in FL... I must be honest, White Christian Nationalism doesn’t make any sense to me scripturally... how many chapters have to be missed to to have this kind of view? When we look at scripture, we would have been the outsiders looking in if Christ hadn’t clarified everything... Continue Reading →

No Favoritism…

For those who feel that there is a place for segregation in the body of Christ, i challenge you to dig further into the word. There are many places in the Word of God where He makes it clear that this isn’t the case. One of those places is Acts 10. In Acts chapter 10,... Continue Reading →

The Iniquity of Doing Nothing…

Today in our Bible reading we are in Numbers 32, where two of the twelve tribes share in a desire to not cross over into the Promised Land.  The land they see is “good enough” for their purposes.  God has promised them a land “flowing with milk and honey,” but there is great, and there... Continue Reading →

This is the Service of…

In Numbers 4-5 (from last week’s reading), we saw the division of work that was given to the tribes of Levi. There were those who ministered, those who carried the holy things once they were covered, and those who carried the basic things. Oh, what a joy to be counted to be in the service... Continue Reading →

Your Love in Us!

Reflecting on the reading from a couple of days ago, “I made your name known to them and will continue to make it known, so that the love you have loved me with may be in them and I may be in them — Jn. 17:26.” So often we look at Jesus’ prayer for all... Continue Reading →

Workers in His Field

Lord, as I look at today’s message, I see a stern warning.  We are workers in Your field, called to do Your work and to harvest Your produce.  All that we have is Yours.  All that comes from our labor is Yours.  So why do we think that it is ours?   Some of Your... Continue Reading →

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