A Call to Like-Mindedness

One great aspect of team sports is the call to like-mindedness.  Although you might have different roles or job descriptions, you have one common purpose (win the championship).   When individuals get caught up on personal goals, the focus breaks down and teams do not typically achieve their ultimate goal.

For a newly formed team, there are often team-building assignments to help the team get to know one another.  To stand in the heat of battle with someone, you want to get to know them, to learn that you can trust them (and they can trust you).   As you develop that bond, you are willing to fight with and for the other person.

It is the same in the Christian church. 

 In 1 Pet. 3:8, we see both the call to be like-minded, and some of what it will take to be that way.  

“Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”  

1 Pet 3:8 NIV

In this call to be like-minded, we see also the call to be sympathetic. Merriam-Webster defines sympathetic as interdependence and mutual association.

As this call is made to “all of you,” it is made to the beauty that is the multiethnic body of Christ. But how can you be interdependent or in mutual association if you are not connected?

This requires relationship!

You need to get to know the mind of others for whom Christ also died. You need to get to know people who might see things differently, and come to understand where they are and what makes them unique. As you do this, you develop the opportunity and ability to love one another and be compassionate towards one another.

You need to get to know the mind of others for whom Christ also died.

And as you see the beauty, strength and wisdom in others that are different than you, it hopefully gives you a sense of humility (as you see how much you still have to learn) and strength in others that you don’t possess.

There is beauty in the multi-ethnic church…

One of the beautiful things about the multi-ethnic church is opportunity to see this scripture fulfilled in your life on a much larger scale than in a mono-ethnic church. In a mono-ethnic church, people have their own opinions, but they tend to have shared life experiences and are like-minded in many ways. The multi-ethnic church will stretch you in ways you cannot comprehend.

But this great opportunity to be all that Christ has called you to be will take work. It will take sacrifice. But our sacrifice to be like-minded with others will not be nearly as great as the sacrifice Christ made so that we would have the opportunity to be like-minded with Him.

Lord, You call us to be like-minded with one another. But if we are honest, this takes a lot of work. This takes sacrifice. And we only typically sacrifice for those we develop deep bonds. So we ask You to help us to develop relationships with people who are different than us, that we might come to love all people in a fuller way. That we might be able to be sympathetic and compassionate. And develop in us a humility that comes from You. We pray in Jesus’ Name.

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