The Power of Love

As we conclude the Gospel of Mark (chapters 14-16), we get an expanded picture of the great love of God. In his commentary on Mark, Rodney Cooper share a story of a young man and woman. As they were leaving the restaurant, you could see that the woman had a full body brace as he carried her out to the truck. After they leave, the waitress pointed out that he was standing by his marriage vows. 

My family and I get to witness this every day as my son-in-law cares for my daughter Cassie. Before they got married, he knew the potential that was there for the future, but his love for her led him to stand at the altar anyway.

Jesus went to the cross, knowing the pain that was coming, the mocking, even that those closest to him would desert him.

That’s amazing love! A love that is willing to sacrifice for the recipients of that love.

As we look at what is necessary to become a multiethnic church, there needs to be an understanding that there is going to be sacrifice — at times great sacrifice — to the things that we find comfortable. 

If we are to be successful, then we are going to need to be filled with His great love! But if we understand the sacrifice that He made for us, and that His plan to use us will help us to see things in a way that we can’t necessarily understand (yet much more beautiful and awe inspiring), we can step out and (out of love for Him and one another) be the love that we have received.

Lord, Help us to love as You have loved, that Your kingdom may grow, and Your name receive glory!

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