The Importance of Social Justice

John the Baptist’s message to the people in Luke chapter 3 was to repent, for the kingdom of God was at hand. For some, they thought that they were safe because of who they were (children of Abraham), but growing up in the right household without a right heart matters little from a kingdom perspective. John says in Luke 3:9 that

“every tree that does not produce good fruit will be hopped down and thrown into the fire.”

Luke 3:9, NLT

He is saying this to people who thought that their birthright was enough. It wasn’t for them, and it isn’t for us.

And his message to the people who came to him, to those he was to prepare, was one of social justice. He doesn’t tell the people to attend church more, or to say longer prayers.

He calls for them to love and live right. Give to the poor, feed the hungry, be honest, live and act justly.

We as Christians need to be people of social justice. If we aren’t, then we need to check our hearts, because the gospel calls us to be people who deeply care for all humanity, especially those who don’t have a voice (or much of a voice).

Lord, Help us to love You with all we are, and to love those whom You created in Your image. May we be people who seek to live right, but of whom it is also said that, “they had a deep love for all God’s creation!”

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