The Gate…

When Jesus said that He is “the gate” in John 10:7, He didn’t mean “a gate.” To be “a gate” would mean that there are other ways to get into the sheepfold. Why would God willingly come and suffer and die if there were other, easier ways to bring salvation to the world. 

And He doesn’t just bring salvation to those whom He had called His children, but He makes it clear that there are others (in different sheepfolds) that are His children as well, and that He has to bring them with Him because there is

“one flock with one Shepherd.”

And the Good Shepherd lays down His life for His sheep! We were facing spiritual death because of our sin… the wolves were desiring to devour us. Yet the Good Shepherd stepped in, doing that which we could not do on our own, so that we can go where we don’t deserve to go.

This offer is for anyone, although not many choose Him. True Christianity is not exclusive but inclusive, for the offer is for everyone.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how smart you are, or your skin color, ethnicity, or gender. Lord, You make it clear that the offer is for everyone, even if some choose not to come.

Thank You Lord for opening up the gate for me and providing me a path to Your family — Your kingdom. I may not deserve it, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to enjoy it. Help me to follow You wherever You call me to go.

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