The Greatest Love

“The greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends.”

John 15:13 NLT

What a great way to word this. Much smoother, and easier to comprehend. Jesus said in chapter 13 that “You know these things, now do them — John 13:17.” There is an expectation that we won’t just know, but that we will do.

Here we see that love is the same way. It is more than words, or cards, or instagram messages. It love requires action. It requires us to put the other person before us. It requires us to sacrifice for them.

When Jesus calls us to love Him, there is an expectation that this will come with a cost. To love Him and to love one another, like He loves, is sacrificial.

He understands because this is His kind of love. He sacrificed everything for us! He gave up His life for us. What is He asking us to do for Him?

Lord, help us to listen, and help us to love. With Your help we can be the people You have called us to be, and with Your kind of love in us, the world can see You for who You are!

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