A Cup of Cold Water

During the summer, this reference from Matthew 10 makes so much more sense. Spend any time outside and you are bound to get hot and thirsty. And when you are in this place, there is nothing like a nice, cold cup of water.

For many who don’t know Jesus, sharing Jesus can be like getting a nice cold cup of water on a hot day.

He fills our need. He quenches our thirst. Jesus hits the spot.

In a world that is intolerant to what it considers intolerable, we are called to be a cold cup of water. We are not called to accept sin, but to offer life and love to those in need.

Every day, Lord, You give us opportunities to welcoming, and to help meet the needs of those (little ones) who are in need. This we do in Your name. And for church seeking to be multiethnic, this means stretching out of our comfort zone to welcome all, especially those who are different than us.

Lord, may we always seek to be there for those who need Your love, Your help, and Your life. May we be a shining light to those in need, that You would be glorified and the kingdom expanded!

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