To Sit or to Serve

In reading Luke 10, Lord, I am first so thankful that You have opened my eyes so that I can see.  There are so many around us who choose to keep their eyes closed, or have had hardened their hearts, and yet You love me enough to let me see You.

I also see today the challenge between sitting and serving.  The battle between a Mary and a Martha mentality is real.  I see it all around me, although it seems like there at times there are Martha’s and people who are just on the bandwagon or biding their time (going through the motions as they have always done).  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there are as many Marys anymore.

I remember when I left my last church.  I had to let the youth leaders know that they couldn’t continue everything that they were doing with a full-time youth pastor because they didn’t have a full-time youth pastor any more.  They would burn themselves out.  

As they desired to serve You, I needed them to know that You were as concerned about their spiritual welfare as You were about their service. 

Sometimes we forget that even as You choose to use us, You don’t need us.  

You don’t need us, but You choose to use us.  Our joy should be in the fact that we have a relationship with You, more than it is in what You are doing through us.  For just as You said to the seventy two, You say to us today,

 “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven (Luke 10:20 NIV).”

Lord, You have plenty for us to do, but Satan can use good works as a way to break down our relationship with You.  Don’t let our works get in the way of our walk with You.  May our walk be what is most important, with You taking that primary spot in our lives.

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