Having 2020 Vision for the Coming Year

In Luke 14:25-35, You call us to put You before everything.  Everything is to be a far second to You (Your point in saying that we must hate everything dear to us in order to follow You).  You also tell us to count the cost.  For us this year, we are looking at the following four areas to see what You desire from us:  spiritual; emotional; physical; and financial.  I am also looking at this not only individually but as a family and as a church, and I am encouraging our church to do the same, especially for our leadership team).  

Are we willing to prepare to give God 2020, or do we want to see it become like a New Year’s resolution?  As the saying goes, “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

Are we willing to seek You to see what You desire of us in 2020, and then work to put it into action, or are we just going to “try our best and see how it goes?”

I hope it’s the former. And if it is, it requires us to actually seek You, but if others are like me, there are things in these areas that You have put on my heart that I have yet to put under Your control. May this be the Year!

Lord, we want to plan to succeed in 2020, to work towards becoming the people You’ve created and called us to be.  That will take Your wisdom and guidance along with our planning and follow through.  We know You are ready… help us to be ready too.

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