God’s Got It !

How many times do we worry about what is to come, even when we are following the Lord’s will?  Maybe we are concerned because we don’t think we have what we need, or may it has to do with concerns over our past, but ultimately, these are faith issues…

Many great men of faith had such challenges — and Jacob was one of them.  In Gen. 31, God calls him to go back to his father’s land, and tells Jacob that He will be with Jacob (vs. 3).  So Jacob goes back, but what happened when Jacob heard that Esau was on his way?  He was greatly afraid and distressed (Gen. 32:7), and divided things up so that if his brother attacked he would be able to save some.

Yet we have to think, why did Jacob do this?  God told him to go home!  Even after Jacob wrestles with God, he still divided his children, according to his attachment to them.  But God said that He would be with Jacob!

And with all of the worrying, what did Esau do?  

“But Esau ran to meet him, hugged him, threw his arms around him,  and kissed him.  Then they wept.”  

Gen. 33:4 CSB

God had already worked things out.  Jacob wasted lots of energy over things that God had already taken care of.  

And what about us?  What are we worrying about that God already has under control?  Why do we lose sleep when God is going on before us?  And why are we worried about the future if we are following God’s will?    If He has called us to it, then we need to trust that He is in control of it, and He will do it in us.  

Lord, if we are honest, there are areas in our life where we need more faith.  There are areas where we need to trust that You have everything under control. 

Help us today, Lord, to hand our worries to You, and then to leave them with You.  If You have called us to it, then You will do what is necessary to complete it in us!  Give us more faith, that we might trust You with everything.  And we pray this in Your name Jesus, Amen.

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