Doing What You’re Called to Do!

The story of Joseph is a story of perseverance, but also of faithfulness and commitment.

God gave Joseph a big dream (Genesis 37). As one who his father loved more than his brothers, when Joseph shares his dreams with his family, his brothers hated him even more.

Because of this he was sold into slavery by them (his father told he had been killed by a wild animal).

How was this a part of God’s plan?

But Joseph persevered, and stayed faithful, and after being blessed working for Potiphar, Potiphar’s wife lies about him and now he is in prison. This is a long way from the dreams he was given, but he persevered and was faithful to God.

He trusted in God and was blessed and prospered even in prison. And after God used him to interpret a couple of dreams, he was stuck in prison for two more years!

Through all of this, Joseph persevered, and was faithful. Once he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream God put him in the place He had prepared Joseph for. Joseph has finally made it!

But Joseph doesn’t sit back and boss everyone around while relaxing. He goes about the work God has called him to do. Because of his commitment to God, countless people are spared, including his family.

And when the opportunity comes to punish his brothers, he provides for them and takes care of them.

Has God called you to do something that now seems far off? Maybe life has taken turns that you didn’t expect and it now you don’t see how He could possibly do it? If He has called you to it, then He can do it through you. But He may need to make sure that your heart is in the right place, so that He is the one who receives the glory for it.

Or maybe we have looked at life and inserted our dreams for His. The amazing thing is that His dreams for us, in the end, are better than the dreams we have for ourselves, even if we can’t see that now.

Lord, we thank You for the dreams You give us, and we are sorry for at times replacing our dreams for Yours. Help us to look to You, and what You have in store for us. Help us to persevere, and to be faithful, but also to be committed to Your work for as long as You allow us the ability to do it. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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