Not Me, Lord!

Isn’t it interesting that when we read the beginning of Exodus, we see that one of the people God used in a mighty way didn’t want to be used…  If Moses had his way, we never would have heard of him!

Much of Exodus 4-6 is spent with Moses trying to explain to God why He should choose someone else.  Moses was a man caught between two worlds, born Jewish but raised Egyptian.  He was a murderer who married a non-Jewish woman.  He had some sort of speech impediment.  

Ultimately, he felt unqualified to be used by God.  Yet God did some of His mightiest work through Moses.  He led a reluctantly remarkable life, with God’s power shining through him!

And how does this apply to us?  How often do we see things that need to be done to advance God’s kingdom and all we see is our flaws?  How often do we see someone who needs to know Jesus, only to think that there must be someone else better equipped to reach out to them?  

As Charles Spurgeon shares that it isn’t about us, but it is all about Him and His power and strength.

“God said, ‘Never mind who you are.  Certainly I will be with you.  Here was strength enough for him.’” 

CSB Spurgeon Study Bible, Holman Bible Publishers, Copyright 2017, p. 75

If God calls you to do something, He will give you the strength to do it!  In fact, Eph. 2:10 states that:

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  

Ephesians 2:10 NIV

Why is it that the church is said to have 20% of the people doing 80% of the work?  Could it be that we, as Moses, either feel unqualified to do what needs to be done, or that we are content with things the way they are?  

What if God desires to use you to make a major impact for His kingdom?  What if there are people whom God is waiting for you to reach so that their lives can have purpose and meaning, so that they can feel loved and find the peace that only comes from a relationship with Jesus?

What if His people chose to be more like Isaiah, saying in Isa. 6:8:

“Here am I.  Send Me!” 

Isaiah 6:8, NIV

What if instead of 20 % of the people doing 80% of the work, we had 80% of His people doing what He calls us to do?  What kind of impact might we be able to make for the kingdom?

Lord, I want to be used, but sometimes I feel comfortable and ill equipped to do what needs to be done?  Help me to choose to be used by You, that Your power might be seen through my life, and lives might be changed by my willingness to be used.  May I choose today to have Your power manifested through my life, that You might be glorified through me.  In Jesus name…

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