My Presence Will Go With You, and I Will Give You Peace

In Exodus 33, the Lord says to Moses that He will not be going with the people, as He was angry with them for turning to idols while Moses was on the mountaintop.

The people’s response is mourning. This should also be our response when we distance ourselves from the Lord and realize that He is not with us.

God is always there, but He may not be “with” us.

Yet Moses speaks to the Lord. It is his desire to learn the Lords ways and to really know Him. Moses also takes seriously his desire to lead the Lord’s people, even though they have strayed away.

The Lord’s response is wonderful to all who have strayed.

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you peace.” – Ex. 33:14 CSB.

In today’s reading in Matt. 8, Jesus was on the boat sleeping while the storm was raging. How was Jesus able to sleep in such difficult times? The Lord was with Him. What did He have to fear?

Lord, it is our desire to be in Your presence. We struggle and fail, but You are always there, and in You we can find peace. Help us to draw closer to You, and to find our peace in You. May we stay when You call us to stay, and go when You call us to go, for it is our desire to be where You’re at. May we rest in Your presence and rejoice in You always!

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