Preparing for the Presence of the Lord

How often do we look at moments like in Exodus 40, where we read about the awesome presence of the Lord coming to His sanctuary and His people, and long for this to be seen in our lives?

Being in the presence of the Lord is such a blessing, and something we should strive for. But as we look at this, are we paying attention to what happened before this, where Moses finished the work that the Lord had for him to do?

The Lord gave them strict instructions, and they did everything as the Lord had commanded, including the freewill offerings that grew to be so great that they actually had to ask for the people to stop because they had too much.

It has me thinking… how often do we prepare ourselves for the presence of the Lord? Even on Sundays, do we come with an expectation that we are going to meet the Lord there? Have we made sure that we are well rested before we come? Have we inspected our hearts and minds to make sure we have done what we can to prepare for His presence (to make sure that His house – our heart – is ready)?

Lord, we desire more than fellowship with one another and a nice service, it is Your presence we seek. Help us to do our part as we wait for You to do what only You can do. And help us to desire Your presence, for even this requires Your assistance. In Jesus name.

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