Canaan and Christianity…

In reading through the Spurgeon Study Bible, Spurgeon makes a connection that I never made (not a surprise). He connects Canaan not with heaven, but with Christianity. And the thought process makes sense. We don’t expect heaven to be overrun with giants to conquer, and armies that need to be taken by force.

We do, however, see that link in the walk of Christianity (both becoming and staying as followers of Christ). In his analogy, we who are followers are more like the scouts, who go out and them come back and bring report. If the Israelites went in and saw, and trusted the Lord, they would have been all set. They chose, however, to listen to the majority of the scouts.

If people look at us as the scouts, then our lives have more impact than we might imagine.

It isn’t about just saying the right things when things are convenient, but living in a way that people can see the bounty of the land. It is living with faith in such a way that people will trust in the Lord because we trust in Him.

We don’t call them to head into this battle, we willingly stand on the front lines leading the way, knowing that when our Lord fights for us, we cannot lose. We, as scouts, have seen the bounty of the Lord. We will trust in Him to lead us where ever He desires for us to go. This isn’t a problem because we know that He goes before us, and we know that in the end He will lead us to heaven.

Lord, help us as scouts to present (to those who don’t know You) the bounty You place before us. May those around us see that the harvest is wonderful, and that You will provide for us all that You have planned. Help us to trust in You, and to stand for You, until that day when we stand before You. In Jesus name…

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