Looking Upon the One Who Heals

John Chapter 3, before the famous John 3:16 passage, refers to Numbers 21, where we are currently. The people rebelled against God, and poisonous serpents came and were biting the people – causing death.

When the people cried out to God, He told Moses to make a snake image of bronze and place it on a pole. Those who looked upon it would be healed.

This was a reflection of the past, and a foreshadowing of things to come. The serpent (the devil, Satan) came, and through his biting words, brought death to all humanity. But when people cried out to God, He sent His Son, mounted on a pole (cross) to pay the price for our sins.

And when we look to Him we are healed!

Thank You Jesus, for Your willingness to stay on the cross as a payment for my sins. I look to You for healing of my sinful condition, that I might be healed, knowing that in You I am clean!

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