The Iniquity of Doing Nothing…

Today in our Bible reading we are in Numbers 32, where two of the twelve tribes share in a desire to not cross over into the Promised Land.  The land they see is “good enough” for their purposes.  God has promised them a land “flowing with milk and honey,” but there is great, and there is good enough.  I can’t help but think that the decided to settle.  

Yet this is not the most significant issue in this passage.  Now that the battle had been won where they were, they were looking to stay there and not cross the Jordan.  In verse 5 they say,

 “If we have found favor in your eyes… let this land be given to your servants and our possession. Do not make us cross the Jordan.” — Nu. 32:5 NIV

Their initial desire wasn’t to build fortresses for their families and then go and fight with their brothers, but to not enter the battle at all.  When they were called out by Moses, then they came back with the proposal to go to battle with their brothers once they’re done.  

A couple of points…

One, they needed to be called out on their desire for sin.  They desired to leave the rest of the battle to their brothers even though the Lord had called them to battle.  When we see our beloved brothers and sisters settling and getting complacent, we need to lovingly call them out. This is especially important for those in leadership.

Two, how often do we as Christians desire to “leave the battle” to other Christians instead of picking up our weapons and fighting ourselves?  We have made enough headway, let the others march on…  the battle continues, and it is our desire to sit back while others carry the banner.  This is true in the battle against sin, and holiness, and justice.  

Whether or not you are a part of a multiethnic church or not, the continuing battle against injustices in our country against people of color (like what happened most recently to Ahmoud Arbery and Breonna Taylor) and the unborn is a battle that ALL Christians should desire to fight, yet for many there is a desire to “sit this one out.” 

And the battle for souls is one that every Christian is called to fight! 

Some of the political battles are really spiritual battles in disguise.  The body of Christ cannot sit back and do nothing and consider itself relevant. 

What will be our battle cry? 

Lord, you haven’t called us to “sit this one out.”  Help us to fight for Your causes so that Your great name will be proclaimed!  May the battlecry of “love for all” be heard throughout the church, and may we see Your kingdom grow as a result of being good witnesses for You!     

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