On the Lord’s Side!

Lately, it seems as though politicians, and politics, is polarizing Christians, turning spiritual siblings against one another. I am reminded as I read Joshua 5 that this isn’t to be the case.

Are you for us or them? The answer was, neither. He was going to fight with them, but when asked which side he was on, he made it clear that…

He is on God’s side.

When Joshua meets the commander of the Lord’s army, he asks a simple questions, “Are you for us or them?” We might expect that this commander would be for God’s people, yet his answer might surprise some.

He would fight for them or against them as needed, for his loyalty wasn’t to them, but to God.

In this polarizing political landscape, where both sides are doing some things right and some things wrong, whose side are you on?

It should be our desire to stand on God’s side, and that may be supporting different parties at different times depending on the issue. We should be looking to God for wisdom to see how He sees it, and stand alongside Him.

Lord, society is trying to make us pick sides in this earthly battle, but the only right side is the one You are on. Help us to see that, and to stand on that. Help us to seek Your truth, and to follow it. Only then can we be on the Right side. In Jesus name.

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