Can’t Please Everyone…

As we continue along in the book of Joshua, we see that Joshua was responsible for sharing with the tribes of Israel what there inheritance would be. With all of the challenges that the people went through because of their disobedience to God, you would think that they would get it. unfortunately, this is not the case…

In Joshua chapter 17, Joseph’s descendants make it clear that they have received a proper allotment. The Lord has blessed them and they are too big for the space they have been given. God has given them land, but in their minds it isn’t enough. In the Spurgeon Study Bible, the notes point out that during his time there were lots of people who were discontent with their current situation.

Has anything changed?

The Lord, through Joshua, let’s them know that they can also clear land or move into land that the Caananites still possess. They have spoken about their many blessings, but where is their faith in God? After seeing God go before them and hand the land so far over to them to this point, they are worried that the Canaanites an their strength.

So they aren’t content with what they have been given, and they don’t trust God to be with them as they expand their territory.

Essentially, they are saying, “Lord, we don’t like what You’ve given us, but we don’t want to work with you to get more… we want You to change everything so that we are more comfortable.”

Lord, help us to be content with Your blessings, but when You call us to more, help us to step out in faith, knowing that You are always faithful. In Jesus Name…

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