Exhausted But Pressing On…

In Judges chapter 8, the Lord has handed what’s left the Midianite army over to Gideon, but Gideon still needs to pursue them and finish them off. They look to two groups that should have been willing to support them with food, yet those who could have helped wanted to see that they were successful before helping them.

How often do we labor in the work of the Lord with little assistance. As we look at this story, however, we see that the Lord did sustain them so that they could do what He had called them to do.

And God will sustain us as well.

Are you weary from the battle? Are you looking for se one one, anyone, to step in and help? Have you called on the Lord, and asked Him for strength in the midst of the battle?

Lord, so often we look to help from others (and we should), but our ultimate strength comes from You! Sustain us during these trying times, and as with Gideon, may You receive the glory in the end!

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