Father, Save Me From This Hour?

What crazy times we live in. With hostility around us and uncertainty in life, work and the volatile state of politics, it would be easy to say, “Father, save me from this hour!” If we look to the One who should be our model, Jesus, we will see a different outlook.

In John 12, Jesus is getting ready to go to the cross. He understands the pain that is to come. He tells us that His soul was troubled. And what is His response?

“What should I say – Father, save me from this hours? But that is why I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name.” (John 12:27-28 CSB)

He knew what was coming, yet He also knew that He was called to be there at that time and He was called to do what only He could do.

I remember quite a few years ago when a gentleman who was working with me mentioned that he was ready for Jesus to return, and he was shocked when I said, “yes and no.” This made no sense to him, but I said that as much as I would like to see Jesus return for my own sake, there are so many around me that I am reaching out to that don’t know Jesus, and as much as I might be ready, others aren’t.

Lord, use me so that others will know You before it is too late!

What about us?

We see the uncertainty of the times, and it can be easy to just want to be saved from this hour. But what if God desires for us to go through this hour so that He can use our faith to welcome others into the kingdom?

And for the multiethnic church, this is the hour we have been called to be here as a reflection of Him! Kingdom over politics – loving as Jesus loves… seeking justice for those who need it, and showing His mercy to those around us, and extending grace in a time when it is hard to find.

What are we to say, “Save me from this hour?” or “Glorify Your name through us!”

Lord, as hard as this season MAY be for us (we do not have Your knowledge), help us to rejoice in whatever You call us to go through, as long as You will receive glory through it! In Jesus Name…

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