How quickly we can lose sight of Him…

As I prepare for a break of a “to be determined” length, I am reminded of the importance of spending time with You.

With the potential of hardships coming to the body of Christ, putting You first is going to require Your people to stay close to You.

If we look at Asa’s reign (2 Chron. 15-16), we see a king who was close to You at first, but lost sight of You along the way. Instead of relying on You wholeheartedly, he chose to trusting humans, and this was his downfall.

It isn’t that he trusted in humans, but that he chose to trust humans instead of You.

I see this especially today as people seem to be putting more trust in politicians than in You. This should not be the case for those committed to You!

Lord, as I prepare for this time or rest and renewal, help me to spend considerable time with You, for it is in You that I can be refreshed, and strengthened for the battle ahead. Help me to keep my eyes on You, and to look to You for all I need!

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