Sow Righteousness, Until He Sends Righteousness…

As we finish up Hosea, we see a beautiful representation that would have been freely understood by people who rely on the land to live (Hosea 10:12).

Sowing and reaping…

They are told that they have plowed wickedness and reaped injustice, but the call for God’s people is to sow righteousness. How are we, as sinful people, supposed to go about doing this?

It starts by breaking up the unplowed ground of our hearts.

This world makes our hearts hard and calloused if we are not regularly spending time with the Lord. The people of Israel had allowed themselves to become distant from God, and had built up idols in their lives. From their distance (from God) their hearts became hard.

You cannot sow seed on unplowed and hardened ground!

It will either be eaten by animals or scorched by the sun. Neither can we sow righteousness with hard hearts.

We are to be a part of the process. We are to seek God and ask Him to soften our hearts, and seek to sow righteousness in all we do. Yet it is the Lord who sends righteousness.

He desires for us to do our part, but the end results come from Him!

There is much we can do with the Lord’s assistance, and many ways He can use us if we let Him. But if we don’t recognize His part in what we are doing, then we become proud of our achievements, much like the Israelites, and we will begin to develop our own idols to worship instead of worshipping the One True God.

Lord, as we come to You today, we recognize that we need Your help to break up the unplowed ground of our hearts. Make our hearts soft and pliable so that they can receive the seeds You desire planted. And then help us to sow righteousness and seek You until the time in which You send righteousness down upon us. And may You receive the Glory for all You do in us, and through us. In Jesus Name we pray!

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