Are Our Hearts Ready for Advent?

The scene in John 19 puts things into perspective, as far as the state of the hearts of the people who were there, and should be a cautionary tale for us as well. Concerned about their own power and position, the religious leaders wanted Jesus to be crucified. They brought Him before Pilate. Although Pilate... Continue Reading →

Can’t Have One Without the Other…

Love and obedience, these two words are linked in the Bible, and more so in John’s writing. It is seen in John’s Gospel (chapters 14 and 15), and throughout his epistles. “But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him.“ 1 John 2:5a NIV84 (God’s love, instead of the love... Continue Reading →

What is Your Heart Full Of?

Have you thought about what you are saying and doing lately? Would all the people you’ve been around say that you have been loving and kind? That you have been compassionate and giving? And how is your thought life going? And how is your thought life going? What do you find yourself thinking about? What... Continue Reading →

The Face of an Angel

What a wonderful picture we see here in Acts chapter 6. The calling of seven to step in, whether you want to call them deacons or lay leaders, so that the disciples could continue to focus on preaching and prayer. He had the face of an angel... One of those chosen was Stephen, as it... Continue Reading →

Will Our Bibles Speak Against Us?

How often do we hear about a Bible that has been passed down that appears to have been unread? I’m not just speaking about the large family Bibles that were more for keeping genealogies, but regular Bibles? Here in America we probably have more Bibles per capita (household) than any place or any time in... Continue Reading →

A Warning Against Religiosity…

A Warning Against Religiosity... Today I get the blessing of sitting on the porch where I am sure that my dear friend and mentor, Pastor Gary, spent time in devotion and prayer (a special thank you to his cousin Diane who is allowing me to stay here for a week during my sabbatical). It is... Continue Reading →

Holding Our Gaze…

I remember my wedding day (almost 30 years ago). I remember the moment that my beautiful wife became visible at the end of the aisle. I know that we had been told to look around and take in all that was going on around us, but once I caught a glimpse of her, I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

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