The Face of an Angel

What a wonderful picture we see here in Acts chapter 6. The calling of seven to step in, whether you want to call them deacons or lay leaders, so that the disciples could continue to focus on preaching and prayer.

He had the face of an angel…

One of those chosen was Stephen, as it says in verse 8 “a man full of God’s grace and power.”  I love what we see in verse 15 where it speaks about the Sanhedrin looking at Stephen and seeing his face like the face of an angel.

I have heard of this happening in different circumstances as people have drawn close to God, and believe I have witnessed it once. The question is, “Why aren”t we all seeking to be like Stephen?  Why aren’t we all seeking to be so close to God that it actually affects our physical appearance?”

Why aren”t we all seeking to be like Stephen? 

The challenges of this life, unfortunately, get in the way of a close personal relationship with Christ. I remember being on an elders retreat where we felt such an incredible presence of God. An elder asked me why it couldn’t always be this way, and I asked her if she was willing to spend this amount of time with God, disconnected from the world without even a cell phone, and she said her life was too busy. And that is the answer.

Are we too busy for God?

Life is often too busy for true intimacy with God. What a sad statement that is. Unfortunately, it is way more of a problem than we care to admit. What if we were to change that? What if we were to change the narrative as we look at the goal of more of You, Jesus, in 2022?

What if we made time with God a priority?

What if intimacy with God was a primary focus to us? What might happen in our lives, in our families, in our churches, and in our communities if we individually chose to truly put God first in our lives?

The greatest challenge with this is time. It would require us to refocus our lives, and reschedule things so that He was actually number one in our lives? What would happen if God had full control of us?

Are we willing to give this a shot? As we move towards holy week and beyond, are we willing to do what it takes to draw closer to God?

Lord, the world tells us that we have so many needs, but in reality, our greatest need is You.  Help us to desire You more than anything, and may Your glory be visible in our lives as we draw closer to You!  We ask this in Your name Lord, and for Your glory!

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