Will Our Bibles Speak Against Us?

How often do we hear about a Bible that has been passed down that appears to have been unread? I’m not just speaking about the large family Bibles that were more for keeping genealogies, but regular Bibles?

Here in America we probably have more Bibles per capita (household) than any place or any time in history, yet look at the state of our country. We lack love… we lack grace… we lack forgiveness… we lack holiness and justice…

We lack love… we lack grace… we lack forgiveness… we lack holiness and justice…

We as a people are far from the people that God has called us to be. And yet there are still some who try to say that we are a Christian nation.

Have we really ever been? Not just in title, but in lifestyle…

In Jeremiah 8, the Lord speaks of people’s claims that the law of the Lord was with them (8:8). They had the Temple. They had the word of the Lord. They had religious leaders. They probably even looked religious!

The problem was, they weren’t obedient to the word of God. Just having His word in their presence wasn’t, and isn’t, enough. We need to dust off our Bibles and dig in. We need to seek Him, and to seek to live as He calls us to live.

When we get to heaven, it will not matter how many Bibles we have in our house, or even what we say we believe. What does our lifestyle say about our beliefs.

For our lives tells the real story.

Lord, I don’t want to just know about You… I want to know You! You sacrificed everything for me. Help me to live a life that shows my faith in You. And may my life point people to You. In Jesus’ mighty name…

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