Even to the Gentiles!

Morning Devotions (with Bandit) by Seabird Island in FL…

I must be honest, White Christian Nationalism doesn’t make any sense to me scripturally… how many chapters have to be missed to to have this kind of view?

When we look at scripture, we would have been the outsiders looking in if Christ hadn’t clarified everything through Peter and Paul. Fortunately for us, He didn’t leave us on the outside looking in. He made it clear that the Gospel is for everyone!

The Gospel is for everyone!

This picture is painted wonderfully for us in chapter Acts 11 (for those of us who don’t claim Jewish heritage).

As the Jewish believers were giving Peter a hard time for going to Cornelius’ house, Peter stands up and fires back with his dream and his witnessing of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the Gentiles who came to faith in Cornelius’ house.

Jesus desires that ALL be saved!

Prejudice was alive and well back then, just as it is here with us today. How horrible a thought that we could have any sort of a “holier than thou” opinion of ourselves. To do so is to show a complete disregard for the Gospel.

Read Matt. 5-7… Read Romans… Read Galatians or Ephesians or Colossians. All of them point to the truth that we all fall short, and that the Gospel is available for everyone.

Jesus desires that ALL be saved!

Yet even Peter struggled with this at times, with Paul needing to correct him regarding his backsliding in this area when he was in Galatia. He needed to stop worrying about what everyone else thought, and be concerned about what Jesus thinks!

Jesus desires that ALL be saved!

For those of us who are blessed to know Jesus, we need to understand that just as He reached out to us through others, so is He calling us to reach out to others in His name.

And that call is to ALL humanity!

Lord, sometimes it is hard to step out of our comfort zones to reach those who are different than us, or those who are in different circles, but it is Your desire that ALL hear the Good News — that You offer salvation to everyone. May we be the bearer or this Good News, and see Your kingdom flourish to ALL people we pray, In Jesus Name…

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