Never Forget!

Over the weekend we (local pastors) had the opportunity to pray for our first responders (police, fire, and EMT’s), as well as provide them lunch (from the local Christian churches).  We did this as a thank you for their willingness to risk their lives for ours, especially after so many gave their lives on 911. 

All loss of life is tragic, but it was particularly challenging due to the fact that it came from an act of terrorism.  If not for the heroic acts of the passengers on flight 93, it would have been even worse. 

All Loss of life is tragic, but…

Over the last couple of days, my Bible reading has taken me through the book of Esther and Psalm 78.  In Esther chapter 9, we see the call to remember with rejoicing the way that the Lord provided for the Jewish people through Esther and Mordecai, and this is a holiday that is still celebrated today.  Passover is a similar holiday of remembrance.

The importance of remembrance is seen throughout the Old Testament.  We constantly read through the book of Judges about a generation growing up that didn’t know about the Lord or the mighty things He had done.  They would stray from Him, and He would hand them over to their enemies until they decided to return to Him.  

Psalm 78 shares the need for us to tell our children about the mighty acts of the Lord (Psa 78:4) so that they won’t forget but will keep His commands (vs, 7).  It then goes on to share about those who weren’t faithful to the Lord, but reminds them (and us) that God is still faithful.  

But there is also a warning in vs. 34.  “When he killed some of them, the rest began to seek him; they repented and searched for God.”  When we walked away from Him before 911 and essentially asked Him to remove His hand from us, He did.  He removed His hand of protection, and people lost their lives.

“When he killed some of them, the rest began to seek him; they repented and searched for God.”

Psa. 78:34 CSB

The result in the past, as it was right after 911, was that people sought the Lord.  We (the church) saw people repenting and searching for Him.  Yet here we are, 20 years later, asking once again for God to remove His hand of grace from us as a country.   

Why don’t we learn?  

How long will God allow us to turn from Him before He sends a course correction?  Look at all of the natural disasters… is this coincidence?  And look at the lack of love His children are showing towards one another.  This isn’t just about the sinfulness of unbelievers, His children aren’t handling themselves correctly either. We (His children) need to return to Him. We need to make Him our top priority, and we need to seek to live as He calls us to live.

Lord, help us to remember.  We are so prone to forget.  We are so prone to wander.  Revive us again, O Lord, that we might repent and seek You.  That we might draw close to You and turn from our wicked ways.  May we return to You before You need to step in and further correct us.  But do what You must to draw us close to You, we pray.  In Jesus’ Name.

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