Mourning over Unfaithfulness

When was the last time you mourned over your unfaithfulness, or the unfaithfulness of those around you. I am not speaking about those who are not Christians, for they didn’t have faith to begin with. I am speaking about those who call themselves Christians.

And when I speak about unfaithfulness, it is a matter of not doing that which Christ has called you to do.

This can be something as simple as not spending the time with Him that He has put on your heart, or something more significant like doing something contrary to His word.

Ezra chapter 9 shares how he was grieved and mourned, as did the people, over the disobedience of His children. Those who mourned were those witnessing the disobedience, as well as those who were disobedient (once their disobedience was brought forward).

Today’s culture seems to be about being happy, and getting what we want. Yet this shouldn’t be what is important to us. What about God? What about His plan, His purposes, and His will? Where do those fit into our plans?

For me, the most significant challenge is not allowing life and ministry to crowd out my time with Him. I believe Satan loves to use busyness on behalf of God’s children to keep them from drawing close to Christ.

This is a problem, because the Lord, and His will, must be first in our lives.

Lord, help me to keep You close, and cause me to grieve and mourn when I don’t. Don’t allow me to make excuses, but make those things rock solid. And Lord, may we grieve at the current condition of the Christian body in America. You call us to be united as a people of love, yet love doesn’t seem to be the thing that defines us anymore.

Help us to seek You first, and to be the people You have called us to be. And as we grieve and mourn our current condition, may we see revival brought about in this land, for Your honor and glory we pray.

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