Come before Him with Thanksgiving…

So often we start to move right from harvest or Halloween to Advent and Christmas, and in between spend time enjoying a Thursday without work, eating turkey and watching football. Maybe people will make sure to say a prayer with dinner.

But will we take time to really give thanks?

And what about last year? It has been a difficult year for so many. Work changes, sicknesses, and other challenges have affected so many. There has also been the loss of loved ones. Not only this, but there have been financial and housing hardships.

Can we still come before Him with Thanksgiving?

While there has been loss, there have also been blessings. For most people, there has been food to eat. Although housing has been a challenge, there have been opportunities for many to get off of the streets and live under shelter. For as many people who have been sick, there have been many who have survived.

And even if these were not the case, the reality is that God is still God. He has proved Himself over and over again. His glory is seen throughout creation for those who choose to see it. For all of the struggles around us, He continues to answer prayers.

Even though we see God being removed more and more from the public arena, He has not abandoned us.

There are people around the world who don’t have food to eat. Who face persecution and go to bed wondering if they will make it through the night. And with all of the sinfulness we see around us and in us, there is a God who chose to pay the price for our sins. He left heaven, where He was worshiped and praised, chose to come to earth, living as one of us (but sinless) and dying for us, so that the penalty for our sins would be paid.

Even if we have nothing, we have plenty to be thankful for.

Lord, we have so much to be thankful for. And even during this season of thanksgiving, we often forget to thank You for all You have done for us. Give us a thankful heart. Help us to take time this Thanksgiving to focus on You and give You thanks. For You alone are worthy of our worship and praise. So thank You, Lord! We give You thanks this Thanksgiving, and then beyond. In Jesus’ Name…

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