A Psalm of Thanksgiving…

What a great time to be going through the Psalms. There are many Psalms of thanksgiving, but the one I am in today is Psalm 138 (a Psalm of David). It starts where we should be as we prepare for Thanksgiving…

“I will give you thanks with all my heart; I will sing your praise before the heavenly being.”

Psa. 138:1 CSB

David is not coming to God with his leftovers. He is not coming to God half-heartedly. He is not squeezing God in hurriedly before the day. He comes to God with thanksgiving (the NIV translates it praise) — with all his heart.

With all my heart…

David will bow (a sign of reverence) towards God’s house. And what does he give thanks for?

God’s Name — he starts by giving thanks to God for Who He is, not what He has done. Our worship and thanks to God should begin with Who He is!

God’s constant love and truth — he then gives thanks to God for His nature… His great love and truth (it is this love that led Him to the cross).

God’s answer to prayers — yes, we eventually get here, just not to start.

Then David speaks of all giving God thanks, even kings. For His promises… for His glory! He is reminded that God will preserve his life, and protect him from his enemies.

And then we end with this:

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me. Lord, your faithful love endures forever; do not abandon the work of your hands.”

Psa. 138:8 CSB

God has a plan for each and every one of us. And He will fulfill it. Why? Because His faithful love endures forever! He will not abandon us, for it goes against His nature. There may be times when we feel lost or abandoned, but those are the times when He is carrying us.

Lord, we give You thanks today. And as we do, we ask You to help us to give You thanks with all of our hearts. You deserve more than half-hearted worship and thanksgiving. And as we go through trials, may You remind us of Your unfailing love, and that You will not abandon us, leave us, or forsake us. Carry us when we are too weak to go on by ourselves. And be glorified through us until You have fulfilled Your work in us, and crafted us into the image of Your Son. In Jesus Name…

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