In Whom Do You Find Your Hope?

In a world where we seem to be looking in so many different places for people or things to protect us or save us, this is a very important question for us to ask during the Advent season. During Advent, we prepare to celebrate when God came to earth as one of us to live with us and die for us.

I need more!

Here in America, we are blessed beyond what we can possibly imagine. People in other parts of the world wake up in the morning wondering where their next meal will come from. Many go to bed hungry (not just “I missed my evening snack”), knowing that they will wake up hungry.

For most in America…

For most in America, we have food in our refrigerators and in our cabinets. Even if we are struggling, most of us aren’t in a place where there is literally NOTHING to eat.

We complain when we need to set the heat low and wear extra clothing, when there are people shivering. We complain if we have to set the AC to a higher temperature to keep our homes or workplaces comfortable when there are people living in the sweltering heat.

God has blessed us abundantly, yet we look to ourselves as the ones who have taken care of everything.

And because God has given us the ability to provide for ourselves and our families, we begin to put our trust in ourselves, or in money which we earn. This often leads us to a “If I only have “x” amount in the bank, then I will be ok.”

For some, it is the government who has provided for us. Instead of trusting in ourselves, we begin to trust in politicians. “You have to vote for __ or I won’t survive.” This can even come in the form of organizations that help out.

Our lives can tell a lot about who we put our trust in. For Christians, we are to put our trust in God alone.

As a pastor, when I was starting out, I had the opportunity to opt out of Social Security. To do that, I needed to sign a letter that essentially said that I don’t believe in retirement plans. The thought was that for those who do this, the church will provide when I can no longer work.

Yet for many pastors, the plan was to divest of Social Security and then invest that money into different personal retirement plans. What they were essentially saying is, “Don’t trust in the government, trust in yourself to invest so that you will be all set when you retire.”

I am not saying that we don’t need to think about retirement, but we need to be careful who we are trusting for our future.

Trusting in ourselves and the government is what made the Great Depression so devastating.

What happens when those fail? And as we look at the current state of American finances, the country’s debt and market fluctuations, is that really where we should be putting our trust?

In God’s word…

In God’s word, He shares with us that He is Victor. Read Matt. 24, or read Revelation if you want an idea of what is coming. If we put our trust in man (ourselves or others), at some point we will be disappointed.

But God will not disappoint, for He is in control!

In whom do you put your trust? I am going to put my trust in the One who will not let me down!

Lord, the world tells us all different places to put our trust. Your word makes it clear that there is only One who will never let us down. Help us to put our trust in You, not just in word, but in deed. Please guide us so that we don’t have to learn the hard way. In Jesus’ Name…

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